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Rooms in our new hotel have above-standard furnishing. There are 14 double bed rooms in the hotel Ten of them are classic double bed rooms with spacious lavatory and balcony. Two double bed rooms are large, they are divided into a bedroom and living room and have the well located balconies – one into a street and another one into a yard – as well as a bathroom with a direct ventilation and corner bath. Four rooms are arranged as 2 two-room-suites. The rooms are interconnected with an underlocked kitchen or wardrobe. The suite on the first floor has got a large sunny terrace. The suites are excellent and available for families with children.

In all rooms we offer :

All the spacious and tastely furnished rooms provide comfortable accommodation suitable for short and long terms stays. The hotel also has at its disposal some rooms for long respectively years term rents both for firms and individuals on favourable terms.

Each room is equipped :