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Wine bar

A part of our café is also a wine bar supplied with the brand wine from the wine cellars of the famous Slovak producer Matyšak. We offer a great range for common use: table quality variety wine or brand wine, but also special sorts for festive occasions with special attributes: cabinet, last harvest, grape selection, ice harvest, straw or some modified wines.

In accordance with your wish and order it is possible to arrange an interesting meeting with a deputy producer of these brand wines. He is capable to introduce a manufacturing production, to provide a specialized explanation as well as important information related to wine stocking, its combining with meals and other special details about the perfect potion which history originated in the era of ancient antiquity. The meetings can include wine gestation, too.

Our café has got a regional deputy provision for selling Matyšak´s brand wines. So we offer great prices for all the owners, managers of restaurants and bars, businessmen and common people.